This study investigated the effects of warning and lifting-induced fatigue on trunk muscle activity and postural responses to sudden loading

Thirty-one male subjects were subjected to sudden loading of a hand-held box with and without prior warning, before and after either lifting-induced fatigue or light callisthenic exercises. Results showed that warning did not alter the level of trunk muscle activity timberland earthkeepers sandals prior to sudden loading. Following warning, timberland canada there was a reduction timberland sandals mens in all muscle and joint onset latencies and the timberland boat shoes uk magnitude of hip and knee flexion.

Although fatigue did not influence muscle and joint initiation, it did negate the timberland uk work boots effects that warning had on reducing joint displacement. timberland boots These findings indicate that warning prior to sudden loading may enhance postural responses, reduce… ranges of joint motion and increase stability.

However, the benefits of prior warning for reducing ranges of joint motion may not be present when a person is fatigued. Sudden unexpected loading and fatigue arising from manual handling practices in the workplace have been identified as contributing factors to the risk of low back injury. timberland boots canada Findings from this study provide information that is important for the design of interventions intended to reduce the incidence of manual handling-related back injuries.

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