In this rejoinder to Bates and Stough (2000), timberland sandals womens I correct some timberland sale boots misunderstandings regarding my position on Australian individual differences research

Contrary to the claims of Bates and Stough, I do not dispute the importance of well-conducted research using biological approaches to intelligence. timberland canada I do not advocate censorship of scientific reports, rather I advocate the need for sensitivity and responsibility amongst those working in the timberland outlet store individual differences field.

This is emphasised by pointing to the naivete of those who claim to divorce research from social restraints and political timberland earthkeepers sale pressures. timberland boots The research program conducted in my laboratory is presented as evidence of my acceptance for an eclectic approach, in contrast to the purely reductionistic methodology endorsed by some Australian… psychologists.

A natural conclusion from my argument is that poorly conducted research and the timberland boots canada presentation of premature findings could be used to improperly further the claims of prejudicial sections of our society.

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