Ernestina de Champourcin’s poetry and its various

This dissertation is an attempt to feminize Spanish Modernism, which has been traditionally gendered masculine. By studying several women writers who were actively involved in the literary productions of the first decades of the 20th century, I try to add my efforts to an ongoing collective endeavor to construct a female tradition in Spanish literature. ^ In the introduction Chapter, I analyze various reasons that have accounted for women’s obscurity in Modernist literary history and present my arguments for constructing a female Modernism.

In the second chapter, I study the poetry of Josefina de la Torre focusing on her concerns with language and her anxiety of timberland earthkeepers symbolic timberland sandals womens power. In the third chapter, I read two of Maria Teresa León’s prewar  timberland office collections of short stories from perspectives… of political and feminist critics in order to underscore the social dimension of Spanish Modernism. In the fourth chapter, I explore the spatial discourse in Concha Méndez’s poetry to disclose a gradual interiorization of her poetic space, corresponding to different stages of her life.

In the last chapter, I concern myself with the religious discourse of Ernestina de Champourcin’s poetry and its various timberland sandals sale manifestations at different phases of her creations. In the “Conclusion,” I stress the features that these women writers share with each  timberland sale shoes other despite their apparent differences. By doing so, I intend to reinforce the timberland earthkeepers chukka feminist approach to Modernism, which is recast as a polyphonic, mobile but sexually charged literary movement. ^.

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