Abstract A hypergraph-game characterization

Abstract A hypergraph-game characterization is provided for hypergraph tree projections (TPs) and, hence, for the special cases of generalized and fractional hypertree decompositions, where such a characterization timberland shoes usa  was missing and asked for.

In this game, timberland earthkeepers as for the Robber and Cops game characterizing tree decompositions, the existence of winning strategies implies the existence of monotone ones, which are yet somehow preferable, because they correspond to minimal tree projections. In fact, timberland office it is shown that minimal TPs enjoy a number of nice properties, such as the same kind of connection property as (minimal) tree decompositions of graphs.

Finally, it is shown timberland outlet london  that timberland outlet online this property is somehow tight, by giving a negative answer to an open question about a slightly timberland boat shoes blue stronger… notion of connection property, defined to speed-up the computation of hypertree decompositions.

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